We at Pandex Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. mainly focuses on manufacturing and supplying a wide range of industrial storage racks in Delhi which are of utmost quality and perfection. Our skilled and innovative team make sure to deliver the unmatched quality of storage solutions at the most competitive prices in Delhi. Our professionals make use of the high quality material during the manufacturing process and meet the international standards. Client prefer our quality systems due to the following reasons:

Well Designed

Stylishly planned without settling on usefulness and accommodation, our plans can be redone to meet customer's details. 

Residue Free Storage

Isolate your racks to avoid dust with our shut stockpiling racking arrangements. It is an economic way for space starved stockrooms. 


Our multipurpose racking systems are both smaller and flexible, intended to meet your regularly developing storage requests. 

Simple To Install

Our industrial racking storage systems are simple to install making it profoundly convenient. We follow safe establishment practices to forestall work environment mishaps. 

Maintenance Free

Our powder covered racks gives you alleviation from upkeep hardships. It is impenetrable to consumption and rust. 

Flexible Beam Levels

Fulfill your storage needs with customizable bar levels in the racks. Clasp the pillar into the casing to handle various burdens.

Our Clients

Supreme court of India
Aaj Tak
Aditya Birla Group
Aditya Birla
Air Force
Apl Logistic
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