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Pandex Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. Advantages of Slotted Angle Racks

Advantages of Slotted Angle Racks

Slotted angle racks are one of the most preferred storage sytems not only in India but throughout the world because of its various advantages. Some of its advantages include it being easy to install, economical, quick installation, strong and sturdy design, improves efficiency, have long span of life and above all it results in optimum utilization of available storage space. Some of its major advantages are given below:-

Easy to Install

Slotted angle racks are created by joining and tightening various components like slotted angle, nuts and bolts, corners, floor grating, cladding sheet, shelves etc. to generate storage space as per one's requirements. Hence it is very easy to install and create space (height, width, length) according to one's need without intalling any permanent structure. Similarly its easy to dismantle and re-create racks of different dimensions at a later date when new circumstances arises without any wastage of materials.

Strongly build

Most of the components of slotted angle racks are made of steel which makes it a very strong, strudy and durable racking system as compared to other types of storage systems. The strong built also ensure that slotted angle racks are suitable and preferred racking system for almost all types of products whether heavy or light.

Longer span of life

Almost all the components of slotted angle racks are made of steel which makes it a very strong and sturdy form of storage systems. The strong built of the slotted racks ensure longer duration of life as compared to other form of racking systems. It requires negligible maintenance which makes it the most preferred form of storage racks.

Optimum Space Utilization

Storage space being one of the important cost component, optimum space utilization for warehousing is at the priority list of every company to reduce overall cost and improve ROI. So every company wants to hire minimum space with maximum storage capacity to reduce cost and slotted angle racks helps them in this objective.

To construct slotted angle racks, one just need to bolt together various components to fulfill storage needs. Racks of different dimensions (height, width, lenght) can be easily constructed depending upon the dimensions of various products to be stored. Slotted angle rack does not restrict creating racks of one dimension but as per the storage needs. This ability to create racks of different dimensions helps in optimum utilization of space which results in maximum possible storage space.

Customized Storage Racks

Another advantage of slotted angle racks is that racks of any dimension can be constructed depending on the dimensions of various products for which storage space is been constructed. One can have racks of diffenent dimensions in the same warehouse if it needs to store products of different sizes. Also the racks can be easily dismantled and new racks with different dimensions can be reconstructed without any wastage of materials and in quick time.


Slotted angle racks are basically assembling and bolting of various readymade components. They are economial storage systems as t results in saving manpower (installed in quick time), optimum utlization of available storage space (therefore saving on costly warehouse hiring cost), reusable without loss of components, improves efficiency etc.

Improved Efficiency

Slotted angle racks helps in improving overall efficiency of a warehouse as racks of different dimensions, shapes, sizes and types can be easily constructed by bolting together slotted angles with its various components. Different types of racks can be constructed for different types of needs and requirements. If one needs to store perishable products, then FIFO storage types racks can be constructed or if it needs to be changed to LIFO that can also be done easily. Racks of different sizes depending on sizes of products can be constructed withing the same warehouse therefore improving efficiency as the store personnel can locate all the products in the same warehouse.

Easy to Shift and reuseable

Slotted Angle Racks are constructed by joining or assembling together various parts to create storage racks as per the requirements. Since it is not a permanent structure and just assembled, it is easy to dismantle its various components and shift to another place and re-assemble to crate storage space. Since the components of slotted racks are made of steel and so there won't be any damage or loss while dismantling it.

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